Message from the Monday Hash GM, Codpiece

Having fucked up the Tee Shirt sizes on 3 occasions in the last 5 months, I think it would be good to fix this problem as best we can. Although, to some extent, I will be destroying a Hash tradition.

Can I suggest hon sec from each hash asks their mailing list to give their tee shirt measurement in inches.

If you're having finger problems using the on-line submission below, then please send an email to Codpiece with your name, hash name and T-Shirt size. His email is

Find your hash-name in the list

Type in your name or hash-name, and it should appear in the list. If your name is not found in the list, please contact Snakebite to get added.

This list is for all clubs, so you only need to fill in once.

You can re-enter your name again to change your size.

Your T-Shirt Size

See the picture at the bottom for help on how to measure.

Enter or update your T-Shirt size in inches here, then click "Update". Odd or fractional values will be rounded to nearest even number.

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The results so far are plotted below.

Have you submitted your size? You can also update your answer using the same form above. Blue is the male count, red is the female count and gray is the combined count.

Your T-Shirt measurement in inches, across the chest, measured under the arm with the shirt on a flat surface, as per pic below. If you are an FB, then you may want to add a bit extra.

In this example, the tape measure reads 20 inch, so double it to get a 40 inch chest measurement. It will be an even number. And 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

The M, L, XL, etc labels on T-Shirts in Thailand are meaningless, so ignore them!

How to measure T-shirt size