Hashing in Bangkok

Mission Medical First Aid Completed


I am very happy to confirm that we have completed 5 Medical First Aid workshops for the combined Running Hashes as well as the Bangkok Bike Hash.

A total of 69 Hashers have been trained in dealing with medical emergencies and injuries. A big thank you to all participating hashers. Also a big thank you to Patrick ‘Dambuster’ by putting his life at risk to initiate these workshops and an even bigger thanks to San ‘Sanker’ in saving his life.

At the workshops have seen both young and older hashers, hashers bringing their wife’s, girlfriends, and kids. We have had a total of 4 English courses presented by First Aid Bangkok’s founder and Instructor Trainer Scott van Doren and one Thai course presented by his charming and qualified nurse Khun Fern. They have done a fantastic job.

I believe that in previous Facebook posts (and newsletters) most of you have seen the positive and enthusiastic feedback from the attending fellow hashers.

Although some of the Pattaya’s Hashers came up all the way up to Bangkok to attend, there is still interest in a Medical First Aid workshop in Pattaya. Together with Scott we are looking at a venue and date for one more training and as soon as this is finalized we will publish this on the respective Pattaya Facebook pages and newsletters.

Thank you all for your participation, I believe that with many of our hashers trained we have a safer running environment..

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Photos from the 5 First Aid training courses done in Bangkok.