Start Time: 16:30


The date and location of the next Siam Sunday run will be updated after the current Covid restrictions are relaxed.


Hareline Schedule after Covid Restrictions

Run #546 Chicken Licker

Run #547 Arakie

Run #548 Dam Buster

Run #549 Moonlight

Run #550 Ladyboy

Run #551 Thalidoskid

Run #552 Agent Orange

Run #553 Lurch

Run #554 Pussy Virus

Run #555 Snakebite

Run #556 City Girl

Run #557 Codpiece

Run #558 Off Limits

Run #559 Roger Me

Run #560 Cums in Spurts

Run #561 Anacuntman


Meanwhile, if you're looking for a good hash trail to do during Covid, the Pattaya Hash are laying paper trails every week.

Paper trail with no checks, and a trail map is provided on the website at and look for the section on NOSH runs.

The trail is laid on Sunday morning, then pick up the paper on Friday afternoon, so it's available all week.

The idea is, you go there with a small group of people and do the trail in your own time and at your own pace, then go to their FB group afterwards and give kudos to the hares.

Contact Snakebite or Selfie Queen if you need more details. We also can find out the run location in advance of Sunday morning, if you need to know earlier. Always good trails, and traffic on the highway to Pattaya is also good at the moment.

  ... Pattaya trails are now also suspended as of 23-July. 


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