Date: 28-Nov-2021
Special Start Time: 16:00
Hare: Arakie
A-Site: Fishing Raft Restaurant
Location: Soi Mit Mai Tri 28, Khu Fang Nuea, Nong Chok 

Coordinates: 13.862872 N, 100.796722 E


Mis-directions :  

Get to Ramkhamhaeng Road heading east from Bang Kapi turn left when it hits 304 then right onto Pracha Ruam Chai Road.

After a long ways turn left onto Soi Mit Maitri 28, follow this to the fishing park.


Updated information from the hare: 

The normal hash restaurant is underwater, so is out of service. 

And the other nearby restaurants dont serve beer anyway.  So, we figured to have everyone bring food for after the circle (like we were doing for shadow walks). The hares will bring some small BBQ grills and we'll be cooking up some sausages.

Seems it's also a "Can't Buy Beer Day" for the local elections, but circle beer will be flowing.


 Photos from the last run