Date: 26-Mar-2023
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Bushman
Cohare: Kuecki 
Location: Prapadeang -  Pa Jeab pier (ท่าเรือแพเจี๊ยบ) -  
Restaurant: Uncle Ooh’s house, Bang Kachao (บ้านลุงอู บางกะเจ้า) 
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Mis directions

By car:
It is possible to drive over to Phrapadaeng.  From Petchahung Road, go down Soi Wat Ratrangsan, turn left on the unnamed road just before the pier, and park along the road near the restaurant.

By boat:
If you want to take a boat across the river from Klong Toey, bring 10 Baht for the boat and allow enough time to reach the restaurant before the runs starts at 4:30pm

If you take a taxi to Klong Toey, you can get a ferry at the usual Pho Tong pier by Wat Klong Toey Nok.  However, if you go to the usual Bang Kachao pier on the other side, you will have to walk a long way to the restaurant.  Instead, take the ferry to the Pa Jeab pier (ท่าเรือแพเจี๊ยบ).

If you want to drive to Klong Toey, park at the Bangkok Port Customs Department (สำนักงานศุลกากรท่าเรือกรุงเทพ), and take a boat from the Thai Customs Department pier.  Again, take the boat to the Pa Jeab pier (ท่าเรือแพเจี๊ยบ) instead of the usual Bang Kachao pier.

The run will start from the restaurant and end at the restaurant, and the circle will be at the restaurant, so bring a change of clothes and anything else that you want after the run.