AGM run 

Date: 17-Aug-2023
Start Time: 18:30
Hare: Patpom
Station: BTS Phrom Phong
Run Start: Bisto 33


AGM RUN!!   Elegant Running Shirt, Excellent Food, Tiger Beer - and a new Committee! 

FREE: For any hasher who has done at least 8 Runs or has Hared (not co-hare) since the last AGM Run in Aug 2022. You can check your status at Bangkok Thursday Hash Run Statistics.

For anyone who is not free above -  Stay for the On-On dinner/drinks is 500 baht. If only stay for the run, then just the regular 50 baht run fee. T-shirt is extra.


Make your way to BTS Phrom Phong and leave by Exit 5.

When at street level, continue walking for about 100 metres and turn right into Sukhumvit Soi 33.

Then walk another 450m until you see Sukhumvit 33 Soi 5 and turn right again. Bistro 33 should now be within your sights, just down this Soi on your right.


Bring a torch !  

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