Date: 11-Feb-2021
Start Time: 18:30
Hare: Arakie
Station: Sutthisan MRT.  Exit-1
A-Site: Parking Lot on Soi Yim Uppatham 


Go to Sutthisan MRT Station (BL17), leave by Exit 1. Turn right and walk south on Ratchadaphisek Rd.

Turn right at intersection and proceed another 200mtr down the street until Soi Yim Uppatham.

Turn right on Soi Yim Uppatham and head to the parking lot at the end of the street.

Note the 7-11 across the street from Soi Yim Uppatham as you turn right. This is your nearest watering hole.

Don't forget your torch!  Seriously. You'll want one on this run.